Do we ever really relax when your phone is beside you

How often do you try to fall asleep but you hear your phone beeping? You want to go to sleep but you roll over and check your phone anyway. The feeling of disappointment when it’s a Facebook notification for a video of two goats bouncing on a trampoline. Why do we do it?! Is it the fear of missing out or just pure nosiness? We never truly relax if we have our phone beside us. I understand that we need it for calls, emails, internet banking etc. but we need some structure and controls in place that will allow us to live our lives. These tips are so simple and can be used for the whole family.



At Night

Turn the wifi and 3g off as you get into bed. You can receive calls and texts but you get a complete break from Whatsapp groups and social media. You can also try charging your phone at the other side of the room which removes the temptation to check your phone will lying in the bed. 


No Tech Tuesday

After 7pm, one evening a week, put away your phones, ipads and tablets. Play a board game, go for a walk, read a book or bake at home. Do something that you enjoy for the evening. Cycling with your kids in the evening or a walk by yourself can be to de-stresser that you really need.



Remove work email notifications from your phone for the weekend and enjoy the present moment. Your kids or friends would love to see you and catch up. It’s too easy to check your emails and you also risk getting stuck into social media while you are snooping on your phone. If you have a small family your kids would love to play outside, watch a movie or go to the playground. Work will still be there on Monday. Paddy Sheridan is a great believer in a work life balance so we know he will support this tip. Paddy’s way of forgetting about work was a daily run on Curracloe beach.


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